Wedge radio

Sound Quality
Completely redesigned, the Wedge brings you surround sound quality to any room in the house through amazing speakers. Music will never be the same after listening to the Wedge sound system. The extra sounds and crystal clear quality will immediately convince you the Wedge is the best small design sound system on the market today.

CD Player
The CD player on the Wedge will play any CD you have, including CD-R and CD-RW discs with your MP3s loaded on them. Letting you enjoy your entire CD collection in incredible sound.

Listen to MP3s
Plug in your iPod® or other MP3 player into the Wedge to listen to your entire MP3 collection through the Wedge's amazing speakers. Even load your MP3s onto an SD memory card and plug it into the Wedge's SD card slot to listen.

Easy Set-Up
Plug, play, listen. Whole room sound has never been easier with the Wedge. The Wedge is so easy because there are no complex wires to deal with. Just plug it in, play, and listen to booming sound like you have never heard before! No figuring out where to place multiple speakers or confusing speaker wires to hook up.

Time is set for you
You will never have to set the time on the Wedge radio. It's already set for you when you plug it in and even adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.

Remote Control
Change the station from across the room without ever getting up using the included Wedge Remote Control.

Multiple Alarms
Hate having to reset your alarm for the weekends then set it again when Monday comes around? On the Wedge, there are two separate alarms, one for the weekdays and one for the weekends. You only have to set the alarms once.

Store up to 20 Radio Stations
Pick 20 of your favorite FM/AM stations and store them in the Wedge for instant recall later. No searching endlessly for your favorite radio stations ever again.

Dimmer Switch for LCD Display
At night you can turn the brightness of the LCD display down helping you sleep with no distractions.

Select your Alarm Sound
You now have the choice to what you wake up to in the morning. Wake up to a conventional buzzer, your favorite radio stations, or any track on a CD. Start your day off the way you want.

Nap Alarm. Nap from 2-99 Minutes
Need to take a quick nap but don't want to reset your daily alarm to get up? Set the Nap Alarm. The Wedge Nap Alarm allows you to take a nap from 2-99 minutes, letting you get your nap in and wake up in time without resetting your daily alarm.



Wedge radio
Surround Sound:
PROS: Great Sound.
CONS: Lots of unsightly wires. Expensive. Need room for six large speakers.

Book Shelf System:
PROS: OK Sound. Mid level price.
CONS: Two speakers require wiring. Bulky design takes up space.

Wedge Sound System:
PROS: Big Sound. Small tabletop design.
Easy set up. Low Price. Clock is already set for you.
CONS: You'll want one in every room!